Brooks knows what it takes to craft a phenomenal running shoe and the Adrenaline GTS  18 is their newest version. Other brands have recently created running shoes with extremely light fabrics and thin soles which many runners enjoy because they're so flexible and weightless, but podiatrists agree that their feet aren't getting enough support. Brooks synthesizes trendy and timeless running concepts: they're light and sleek, but they don't skimp on support.
The challenge was offering runners a better perception of Brooks reliability and superiority. The language of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour is intense and competitive.  The Brooks brand voice is upbeat but lacks the edge of other sports brands. Much of the copy I wrote focused on shifting the tone of Brooks from sporty and fun to more ambitious. 
Research was really easy thanks to the abundance of Youtube reviews and my own use of Brooks shoes. I discovered that Brooks balances light design and stability through great bottom soles, but also through their engineered upper mesh. Other running shoes use a knit which makes them so flimsy. 
The Adrenaline GTS 18 will certainly allow the foot to move around, but it's still sturdy. Because of that, the focus word I used to base the copy on was "integrity". The word highlights both the shoe's ability to provide reliable support as well as the runner's inner quality to keep going. The hashtag I came up with is "#dontfold" which reflects the shoe's strength and the runner's unwillingness to give up.
There are two voices. The top section has a tone that's more similar to Brooks current voice, but it still takes a swing at other brands while conveying a clear message about the Adrenaline's support. 
The second section takes on a more serious, competive tone. It doesn't compare Brooks with other items, but addresses the inner desire to continue pursuing the win or personal record. While it diverges from the brand voice, it draws a more personal connection between the runner and shoe.  

Instagram and FB template provided by: Marina Dellaco. Images provided by: Unsplash and Brooks advertisements
Microcopy for Push Notifications and Onboarding for Brooks Running App
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